Dallas Top weight loss nutrition program

Diet and Nutrition

How you fuel your body throughout the day and for your workouts is equally as important as your workouts themselves. At AFS Premier Fitness we don’t simply count calories nor do we follow a single meal plan guideline. Every meal plan we create is unique and meticulously tailored to your individual metabolism, resting metabolic rate, body type/composition and will directly serve your goals. Guided by our revolutionary in-house Carb Coding® diet, our custom meal plans are tailored for fat loss, muscle gain, weight maintenance, athletic performance and more. Each meal plan is written according to the specifics of your daily activities, prior eating habits, and daily meal schedule to help you achieve your goal.  We provide meal plans and nutritional counseling for all age groups, people of all activity levels and of all body types. Our Carb Coding® meal plans are created with three goals in mind: 1) immediate body fat loss and lean tissue gain, 2) body composition correction and 3) metabolism enhancement.

All AFS Pro and Elite Pro trainers are Carb Coding® experts, certified sports nutritionists and competitive fitness athletes.  This means that not only do we have the formal education provided by a classroom, but also have a unique first-hand experience gained from applying different dietary techniques on our own bodies while preparing for competition. Our nutritionists design meal plans that are effective enough for immediate results and flexible enough to sustain longevity, allowing you to maintain your results for a lifetime. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Schedule your comprehensive fitness assessment to start your nutrition program today!