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The road to fitness and a healthy lifestyle starts with proper nutrition. With our proprietary Carb Coding® diet, we don’t just simply count calories. We focus on the type, timing and count of calories consumed for optimal results. 

Our Carb Coding® meal plans are created with five goals in mind: 

  • Body fat loss
  • Lean muscle tissue retention and gain
  • Body composition enhancement
  • Metabolism correction
  • Performance


Every meal plan we create is unique, and meticulously tailored to your individual metabolism, resting metabolic rate, body type/composition and will directly serve your goals. Following the guidelines of our proprietary Carb Coding diet, each meal plan is written according to the specifics of your daily activities, prior eating habits, and daily meal schedule to help you reach your optimal body composition.

Our Carb Coding meal plans cater to a wide variety of individuals. Whether your goals are to lose body fat, gain muscle, or perform on a pro stage, our custom meal plans are tailored to directly serve your goals.

All AFS Pro and Elite Pro personal trainers are Carb Coding® experts, certified sports nutritionists and competitive fitness athletes.  This means that not only do we have the formal education provided by a classroom, but also have unique, first-hand experience gained from applying different dietary techniques on our own bodies while preparing for competition. Our nutritionists design meal plans that are effective enough for immediate results and flexible enough to sustain longevity, allowing you to maintain your results for a lifetime. 

Nutrition Program – Carb Coding®:

Our nutrition program is 6 months in length (with a 12-month option available) and includes the following:

  • Custom diet plan and CARB CODE with biweekly revisions (Twice per Month)
  • Biweekly in-person or virtual appointments 
  • Daily and weekly food reporting
  • Biweekly body composition scans with tracking (Inbody or DEXA Scan)
  • Biweekly cardiovascular activity assignment and revision 
  • Monthly circumference measurements tracking
  • Access to the CARB CODING food selection chart and food list 

Our nutrition program can be done remotely or in person. If done remotely we will direct you to an Inbody or DEXA lab closest to you for body composition tracking, while the rest of the program remains unchanged.

Nutrition Program Rate Schedule:

  • 6-month package Rate Schedule:  $649 due at sign-up and 6 monthly payments of $649
  • 12-month nutrition package: Subject to prior approval by AFS Premier Fitness

All Nutrition Packages are included in our Total body transformation program at no extra charge.

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