Carb Coding

What is Carb Coding® ?

AFS Premier Fitness’ in-house Carb Coding® diet is a proprietary diet program that utilizes a special numerical code to track daily and weekly carbohydrate consumption amounts and frequency in one’s meal schedule. This revolutionary diet program was created in 2011 by 17-year fitness expert and sports nutritionist, Ali Taktak, to manage the timing, quantity and distribution of carbohydrates and other calories  in one’s diet. With its simplified approach, the weekly carbohydrate code makes complex dieting easier and more efficient. Through a numerical code prescribed, patients are able to understand, monitor and execute their diet effectively and independently. The Carb-Code has become its own language that streamlines the diet modification process and reduces the learning curve thus bridging the gap between nutrition experts and first-time beginners.

Our Carb Coding diet has been the backbone of AFS Premier Fitness’ transformation program. Thousands of transformations later, Carb Coding has become one of the most proven diets known in the fitness industry. Every pro and elite pro AFS personal trainer must complete an in-house Carb Coding certification program along with their AFS PT training program as we firmly believe that science-based and proven nutritional guidance is the cornerstone element in every transformation journey.

Please check out our amazing  transformation stories to learn  more on how Carb Coding can change your life!