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About AFS

AFS Premier Fitness is an all-inclusive fitness transformation center that combines personal training, diet and nutrition, and body composition screening and tracking. AFS has a team of elite personal trainers specializing in Total Body Transformations (weight loss, muscle toning and building, and strength and conditioning), Diet and Nutrition, Executive Fitness, and Corporate Wellness. Our fitness services are backed by two decades of in-house research, education and first-hand application, giving us superior knowledge that exceeds industry standards.

With tools such as our proprietary Carb Coding® diet and 6-point circumference correction alongside our elite team of personal trainers, AFS Premier Fitness has become the nation’s leading fitness transformation center. Our world-renowned Total Body Transformation Program is built on results, and whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle or increase strength and endurance, AFS has the tools and experts to help you reach those goals.

“My endurance is back to where it was in my 40’s. Working with the trainers at AFS is truly a life changing event, you will get results!”

– Mike Malone, President & CEO – Comerica Bank Securities

“The combination of world class training AND nutrition expertise is what sets AFS apart. Transformation is a perfectly appropriate word for what Ali and his team do. Thanks for being a part of my journey AFS!”

– Scott Miller, CEO – Interstate Batteries

“As I’ve transformed, my confidence is back, my energy is back, my zest for life is back, my relationships are better than they ever have been before. Thank you AFS!”

– Brian Schultz, Founder & CEO – Studio Movie Grill

“Sarah at AFS ROCKS!  I thought I was in pretty good shape, but she helped me get to a level that I could not imagine.  Hard work – Yes, but great results!”

– Kathy Enochs, Chief Executive Officer – GPA

“Ali and his team’s passion for body-transformation builds motivation and excitement that translates into amazing results. AFS really cares about their clients and helping them develop.”

– Gordon Huddleston, President – Aethon Energy

” Honestly it’s fun! When you get to the end of the workout, you’re spent, but you know that you spent an hour really accomplishing something that’s good for you…It’s totally transformed me! ​”

– Jeff Kramer, Chief HR Officer– 1st Global

“If you’re serious about improving your body’s form and function, Ali’s the expert to help you make it happen. Do what he says, how he says to do it, and you’ll see results you thought impossible.  That’s exactly what he did for me!”

– Derek Phillips, Judge – United States Government

” This has been about more honestly than just body fat loss and loss of pounds, it really has transformed my life in fantastic ways!”

– Jaime Clark-Soles, Author & Ph.D. Professor – SMU

“I cannot express how happy I am with my results and can only encourage anyone wanting to commit to change that AFS Premier Fitness is the organization with a definitive plan tailored for you that will ensure you reach and exceed your goals quickly and more importantly maintain your new you.”

– Walt Barnes, Founder & President – Wilson and Barnes

“If you’re going to start this journey, you’ve got to be all in. If you’re all in and you follow to the letter everything AFS Premier Fitness tells you to do, you will see the results without question.”

– Grant Dismore, Chief Strategy Officer – Interstate Batteries

“My only regret is that I waited until I was over 60 to embrace this program. Ali and his team are supportive and thoughtful in their customized approach but will hold you accountable to the proscribed diet and exercise regimen. You will get results quickly and safely!”

– Scooter Smith, Senior VP – Comerica Bank

AFS Premier Fitness was founded in 2007 by 20-year fitness expert and sports nutritionist, Mr. Texas Ali Taktak, to help change the lives and bodies of individuals across the US one transformation at a time®. Thousands of transformations and 16 years later, AFS Premier Fitness has become the number one fitness transformation center in state of Texas with a decorated team of Dallas personal trainers and sports nutritionists who are highly acclaimed national and international fitness champions holding titles from the prestigious Mr. Texas, to Miss Olympia World Champion.

AFS Premier Fitness has the unparalleled knowledge and applied experience to help you reach your fitness goals quicker, safer and more efficiently. We are large enough to stay abreast with and implement the latest and most advanced scientifically-proven techniques, yet we are intentional about keeping our team small enough to ensure you receive the utmost personal attention and relevant quality training for your goals.